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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 1, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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24/7. the most powerful name in news," r.i.t. factor," is next. do not forget, -- the most part from the menus, "the o'reilly factor" is we're all over that one hour from now. here's glenn now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ >> 3, 2, 1, beck! glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, really, i'm beginning to think that i'm the only one that still things that chavez and castro are brad guys. watch this, and i want you to know, you can think whatever you want to about fidel castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders i have ever met. glenn: that is so fabulous! thanks for sharing. she goes on, czars, freedom of speech, and a plan of action tonight. if you believe this country is
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great but the government is fundamentally changing it and it's changing into something that you didn't see coming, stand up! come on, follow me. well, hello, america. there is a revolution that is happening in this country, and it's one that most people aren't really aware of. it has been happening for a while. we will get into that in the next few minutes. the most transparent white house in history, however, hasn't answered any of the questions. of course, he was on vacation, so we should wait. maybe he will do it tomorrow. we asked a lot of questions last week, tough questions like why does the president have so many marxist, socialist radicals and a self-proclaimed communist advising him? i'm still hopeful that there's a simple explanation, but i
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don't think so. maybe he just wasn't aware of their radical beliefs, you know. after all, he sat in reverend wright's pews for 20 years and didn't catch on to the fact that wright isn't too fond of america or what was he called it, the u.s. k.k.a. of america. so here is the one thing of tonight. it is not an accident. president obama's radical advisors are there for a reason. they are fighting a revolution. it's not the kind with tricornered hats. it is a silent revolution. don't expect the white house to apologize for hiring a self-avowed communist green czar job van jones. if they did, van might take offense to that considering he named his son after a militant marxist guerilla. his son is four years old, by the way. why would the white house waste their time on something like this when liberal bloggers are doing their best to defend van's good name, and
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his wikipedia page, my goodness, it is suddenly and mysteriously been updated to call him, quote, a champion of market-based solutions. really? the communist is? you see, van jones can't possibly be a communist. take it from me, a former colleague, eva patterson, who is president of the equal justice society. i try to take the quotes on capitalism and say it with a straight face from the equal justice society, but she admits that, yes, for a while there, van was running around spouting 1960's rhetoric, and romantacizing revoluntionary icons, but who hasn't done that? me. that was years and years and years ago, she said. uh-huh. it was a youthful indiscretion. now, i'm not a mathematician, but i am a thinker.
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can you put the quote of van jones of his own description of his conversion to communism here on the screen here, please? here it is. "in jail, i met all these young radical people of color, really radical, communists and anarchists. it was, like, hey, this is what i need to be a part of. i spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people i met in jail trying to be a revoluntionary. i was a rowdy nationalist on april 28 and then the verdicts came down on april 29. by august, i was a communist." well, that was 1992. plus ten years, carry the one, i think that makes it 2002, way, way, way back. i may have been in diapers then still. can you remember bush's first term? nobody can. but eva, apparently the lone free market warrior at the
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equal justice society said she advised van to, quote, rethink his tactics. excuse me? rethink his tactics. and work for change in wiser ways. notice she didn't say denounce or rethink your communism. just change tactics. where was the come to jefferson moment in this change? hmm. that word seems to be playing a huge role in america, doesn't it, especially with revoluntionary marxists. change. he doesn't have a pivot point. the only transformation he has ever talked about from a 2005 interview, quote "i'm willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of the radical ends." this guy is still a radical! just like cass sunstein and john holdren and carol browner and mark lloyd and the list
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goes on and on. now, some in the white house may be uncomfortable calling these individuals radicals or revoluntionaries or communists, but i'm not. i'm not. the best thing i can do is ask you, america, are you comfortable with their viewpoints, like this one. on friday, drudge had the story of the 55-page bill proposed by senator jay rockefeller. here is a good capitalist for you. s-773, if you want to look it up. it would allow the president to seize control of the private citizens' networks during a a cyber security emergency. the bill also proposed a federal certification program for cyber security professionals. certain computer systems -- where have i heard about the government taking computer systems? oh, yeah, the car thing, and networks in the private sector would have to be operated by those who have that high sense and private networks deemed critical by the government
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shall share requested information with the federal government. ten years ago, you know, when van jones was, what, four? ten years ago, i may have been stupid enough to go for this, but not after i watched the bush administration grab far too much power and now this administration is trying to take control over seemingly everything. we already know how the president's chief of staff feels about taking advantage of a crisis. i'm not willing to go down that road and give them any more power. america, anybody, is there anybody that is willing to become gandolf? i think all of us need to began dolf from that scene in "the lord -- all of us need to be gandolf in that scene from "lord of the rings." i have to tell you, a lot of things are being said about me and the show. this isn't about me. this isn't about republicans. this isn't about democrats or
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obama. this is about republicans an democrats and independents that respect the constitution. they understand freedom of speech. if i get one more letter from one more lefty that yells at me about the bush administration, well, you know what? what if i was saying the whole time, hey, bush, take more power! what does it say about you if you had a problem with it then, why are you silent now? the clowns in washington are the people that we need to pay attention to. clamp down on my freedom of speech? well, then, who is next? republicans, democrats an independents, it is time to stop spearing each other in the chest and realize this are wren mys to the constitution, both foreign
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right now, and it looks like those enemies are taking shape as geed i did and power an domestic right now, and those enemies are taking shape. they are looking at a dem democracy that promotes antagonistic sources of news. i have this question to ask -- antagonistic to whom, exactly? only republican presidents and tea party protestors because i don't think it's more possible to have a more docile source of news than the newscasters are now to this president, and the other is the regulatory czar, cass sunstein, who once proposed electronic sidewalks that would post opposing views to every internet search, but he found an easier way. in fact, in a new book that one of my guests has read,
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kyle smith has already read it. kyle, what is the name of the book? >> the book is called "odd rumors" by cass sunstein. it is a group that says we're from harvard law school and here to help. glenn: a lot of harvard friends out there. seton motley from the media research center, and kyle smith, a columnist from the new york post. kyle, so let's start with the idea that they can shut your speech down on the internet without seizing control. they're taking this thing like six different ways. this way is just imposing fines on the people who post anything, right? >> it's for people who operate blogs. it is for news organizations who operate blogs. he even says that bloggers should be responsible for what their commenters post. that's like you hosting a living room and someone comes into your living room and starts talking, and you're
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responsible for that person. what sunstein wants to do is to broaden the libel law. to him, there is just too much free speech in america. he talks about the marketplace of ideas an rejects them. he talks about the chilling effect and says it is a good thing. we have heard about this for decades from supreme court decisions on the way down. the chilling effect is something we have been told to guard very much against. sunstein says the chilling effect can be an excellent thing. glenn: explain the chilling effect. >> it is calm down and think twice about what you are saying and if it is false or might hurt someone's feelings, sunstein thinks there needs to be stronger safegaurds to keep them from being said. on the internet, there is lot of stuff that is false and malicious, but we have freedom of speech. the good ideas are the ones that win. that's not good enough for sunstein. glenn: so now let's go to mark
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lloyd, because mark also has some -- first of all, here is mark lloyd. here is from a conference for media reform. this is him making a case that the government controlling all the media outlets is a good thing. listen what he had to say here. glenn: ok. he said, and i find this interesting, a democratic rev rev a democratic revolution is important. they're all talking about a good democracy. it is not a democracy.
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>> it is a republic. in his book, he repeatedly refers to democratic reform, democratic change, and every time he refers to democratic, you might as well insert communist or social iflt, because that's what he means glenn: the 20th century progressives went specifically for democracy, and that's the way they got away with it, around the turn of the century saying we're not communists. we believe in the democratic society, democracy and communism, to them is almost interchangeable. >> it's sem semantics. ideologically, there is no change. can i point out something that is very important. after he got his second revolution and ensconced himself firmly in power he took very seriously the media in his country. let's look at what mark lloyd was admiring what chavez did. glenn: what did he do? >> one story may 7 in the associated press said he had
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restrictions regarding venezuela law, when you craft legislation used to strangle groups that criticize the government, and flip forward to friday, july 10 in the irish examiner, chavez is imposing regulations an revoking licenses of more than 200 radio stations. glenn: mark lloyd is planning on doing that through diversity. >> through the fines, through the regulations, through the fees, and a month later, so four months you go from the legislation in the body in venezuela to venezuela government efforts to crack down or seize control of media outlets to stifle criticism. glenn: would you agree with me, and i'm just on the beginning of my research of mark lloyd but he strikes me as a marxist. >> there is no question in my mind from the research i have done. glenn: what about cass sunstein? where is this coming from? is he just a control freak? what is this? >> sunstein is one of the main prominent proponents of what he calls behavioral economics.
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this is basically you are not smart enough to know what is good for you. you need a little nudge in the right direction. sunstein wrote a book called "nudge" about how the government can sort of force you to do what the government thinks is the right thing to do. glenn: where do we go from here? how likely is it that he is going to be able to get this pushed through? >> who knows? i mean, sunstein is looking at immense power. he is going to head the office of regulation are regulatory affairs t has been reported by "the wall street journal" that through talks with the obama administration officials, he will be in charge of osha to s&p and looking over financial regulations and the healthcare plans and have immense powers. glenn: let me give you two more quotes here and we will go back to mark lloyd here on this. mark lloyd said, quote, "it should be clear by now that my focus is not freedom of speech or the press. freedom is often an exaggeration, at the very
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least, blind references of the free freedom of speech serves as a distraction from the critical examination of other communication policies." i love this, hoy to overthrow a -- how to overthrow a system, p pressure, pressure, many. we need to direct that pressure not through the government but through our true opposition, the broadcasters." that is phenomenal. >> and now he is at the f.c.c. waiting to take those calls. glenn: is it true or false that all they wait for is an emergency to be able to do this? >> i don't like to chime into their heads but that certainly would be a trigger point for them perhaps. glenn: thank you very much. we'll talk again. i told >> second ago that we have got to find a way. i think this system has been built to cause each other to hate each other. no, it's the democrats. it's the republicans. blah blah blah. i'm not a republican. i'm an independent.
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let me talk to pat caddell, a former senior advisor to president carter. that's a democrat! , pat. >> yes. >> and all the other ones i have worked for, cuomo, gary hart, walter mondale. glenn: walter mondale! i can't believe we get along. pat, you are concerned for our republic, as i am. i was thinking about it this weekend that people like you -- we don't agree on much, but we agree that america is a good place and the constitution is good, and that's our system. would you agree or disagree that this is not a democratic or republican or democrat problem. this is a problem with radical revoluntionaries holding positions of power. >> in is very disturbing to me for that reason. first of all, most americans, 90% of americans, i would say, agree on the big ideas that this is a country that is an
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exceptional nation, what we have done for the word. we have made mistakes, no doubt about that. we take care of our future and our children. this are things we agree on about our liberties that far ex seed -- far exceed anything about our division in our parties. it is a phony let's hate everybody while we get to do what we do. let's get this right. from my perspective, i think it is a threat to the democratic party and a threat to the president. these are extremists. i'm looking at this stuff. i have looked into lloyd and i want an answer, and i want it from the president's roommate who he appointed as the chairman of the federal communications commission. congressman chy burn's daughter -- congressman clyburn's daughter, who is the minority whip and the democratic party, number three person in the house. his daughter is on there. i want to know what credit they take for lloyd. he comes from the american center for progress. he was a senior fellow there.
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that was a soros financed place. we are getting one extremist after the other. by the way, you should be happy. look at what happened. he raised the problem and now van jones is a capitalist. he went down the rabbit hole, right down the rabbit hole. glenn: here is the thing, though, pat. i think the same thing that was happening with van jones, he said change tactics. he knew, change tactics. >> yes, these people -- look, cass sunstein is a delightful person i hear personally. he is so far out there in the academic world, i know people in hollywood who think he is dangerous being in charge of regulations. glenn: here is what i want to ask you -- how do we get democrats, not the people in washington that can't see past the donkey or past the elephant. i mean americans concerned about our country, how do we get democrats to say, whoa,
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whoa, what are you building here? who are these people? we're not communists, we're democrats. >> part of what i'm trying to do and i get the phone calls because i'm out there. i long ago came to not being a hack. i'm born again virgin when it comes to politics. i get the phone calls of what are they doing? we better speak up, because this is going to undermine our politics, plus they are up to things like f.c.c. that scare me and the internet that is really frightening. glenn: pat, i want to talk to you again. we have a network break. >> praise for the cuban healthcare system and fidel
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glenn: america, we have to find a way to each other. we have to find a way to get this message to the reasonable people of america. a lot of people ain't going to listen to me because they hate my guts or think whatever. that's fine. how do you bring this information? it makes me uncomfortable to bring you the latest marxist or communists in the white house, but what am i supposed to do? what am i supposed to do when more and more quotes and radical beliefs keep surfacing and we get comments like this from people in our own government. watch this. >> and i want you to know now you can think whatever you want to about fidel castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders i have ever met, and, you know, the cuban revolution that kicked out the
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wealthy did that, and after they took over, they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found -- well, just leave it there, an attorney by the name of fidel castro. glenn: once they got rid of the rich? what the hell is happening to our country! democrats, is this who you are q. the answer is no! when will you stop? how do we reach you? when did it start becoming ok for anybody besides a dope-smoking hippie stoner to go around praising these guys. pastor steven brodden at the fairpark bible church in dallas, texas. hello, pastor, how are you? >> good to be with you this afternoon. glenn: you know, i saw a a video. a friend of mine send me a video
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of yours because i guess you spoke at a 9/12 event in dallas. i guess you don't necessarily know who i am or watch the show. i was watching you and it was oh, my gosh, you're saying the same thing. what is it that america is missing? >> well information, activation and education. we are talking about information, knowing what is going on. a lot of americans have not been paying attention, and because they haven't been paying attention, the fox has entered the henhouse and we're in trouble. glenn: how concerned are you -- because i'm always called an extremist and fear monger and everything else. i don't want to believe these things. it doesn't do me any good. ok. i'm successful today. if i'm right, what kind of success do i have? how, on the edge is our reach lick, do you believe? how much trouble are we in now? >> we're in major trouble.
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i believe that your success will be in motivating your listeners and patriots around this country to get up and get involved in protecting our rights, our liberties and our freedom, and to be engaged in the political process. it's still the preamble to the united states says "we, the people," and it is our responsibility to be engaged. if our observations are correct, we need to respond. glenn: do you think i have it right that these are plarksist radicals -- marxist radicals that have positions of tremendous power? is that right or wong? >> oh, absolutely. look, you dead on. you are dread on, and unfortunately, you are the only voice o in the marketplace, in the public square that is raising this red flag, and there is an absolute necessity for us to pay attention, not only pay attention but to become engaged to the point where we can resist
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this. i believe what we're seeing is an orchestrated attempt to radically change this country from what the founders had in mind, the framers of the constitution, and those who wrote the declaration of independence, what they had in mind for this nation to be. there is a deliberate attempt on the part of marxists, socialists and atheists. i call them darwin atheists who are attempting to change this country, and the first step is the disposition of our judeo judeo-christian heritage. glenn: michelle obama herself said we have to change our history, change our tradition. i'm called a racist for questioning this administration, and pointing out the tendencies to fall right in line with reverend wright. you're an african-american. what do they call you? >> i hope they call me a patriot, someone who is deeply concerned about our community, and listen, what congressman
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watson said, when you showed that clip, i think that's outage jus. here is a woman who has taken an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states, and to represent the interests of her con stits constituents and i want you to know that most fair-minded americans and african-americans, in particular, are not wanting to see a socialistic system stab brished here in america that would take away our liberties an force us into some kind of e gal tearian idea of what is right and fair. we believe in the constitution and the declaration of independence. glenn: i don't know anything about you, rev wrandz, except what i have seen on vidio tape and hearing you speak. i would love to have you back. i know you're not a fan of john holdren and for sterilization in the drinking water. i would love to have you back, sir. >> absolutely. there is a documentary that we just produced, glenn, and i think you ought to get your hands on it called it myopa21
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where we show the black genoside taking place in america today. what's going on in that documentary is what is going to happen in the healthcare package. >> you have done your homework on the early 20th century progressive movement, haven't you? >> oh, yes. you see, our motto is information, activation and education. information, ask the question, what's going on. education asks and answers the question why it is going on. activation means getting up off the coach, being engaged in the electoral process to save this republic. it's got to happen. every saturday on life and liberty, my co-host, vicky middle torn and i work together to bring this information to the dallas-fort worth community in
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order for us to be engaged. glenn: good. >> the time for action is now. glenn: reverend, thank you. we will talk to you again,o@5 s
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mexico. now back to glenn beck. glenn: i just have to tell you on a personal note, america, patti ann is as nice as she seems. all right. time to use your head, bringing
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you stories where americans, the media and the government are really not using their heads. the largest natural gas company in north america -- wait until you hear this. they are offering a million dollar reward to capture the person who has blown up a half a dozen of their pipelines in northern canada since october of last year. on july 15, just days after the recent attack, dawson creek daily news got a hand witten note from somebody claiming to the bomber. quote, return the land to what it was before you came, every last bit of it before things get worse for you and your terrorist pals in the oil and gas business. i don't know if any sees irony there that the actual terrorists who blow up the oil pipelines refer to the victims in the oil and gas business as, quote, the terrorist pals, but the pipeline saboteur is not alone when it comes to bashing big oil.
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however, not quite as strong as the actual terrorist. remember how then senator hillary clinton wanted to handle those capitalist pigs and those windfall profits? >> i want to take those profits and i want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us towards the direction of independence. glenn: where have you been? going to take those profits, take them. a year later, congressperson maxine waters wanted to go a step further. >> this liberal will be all about socializing -- will be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies. glenn: this was before it was cool to say i'm a marxist, i
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guess. i almost forgot green jobs czar van jones. listen to what he said. of course, he was only saying it as a joke. listen to what he said about the oil companies. >> these corporations are going to continue to run big campaigns that they're so green, and you're like wait a minute aren't you an oil company? aren't you killing folks in nigeria? glenn: i'm still laughing about the oil companies killing people in nigeria? huh? before the liberal bloggers in their basements go crazy over this -- no, i'm not comparing van jones, hillary or maxine waters to the pipeline bomber. did it sound like that? what i am doing is showing that there is an evolution, or dare i say a progression of the same type of thinking that big oil is evil and should be destroyed. by the way, that kind of
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thinking really helps during times of silent revolutions. by the way, do you think having explosions at the largest natural gas company in north america might push people into an emergency? oh, they'll say they didn't want to seize control of the oil companies, oh, no, i didn't want to do that. i didn't want to run g.m. i didn't want to run the banks, but we had to. now we turn to massachusetts. there is a bill that passed the senate unanimously that could be paving the way for forced vaccinations due to the h1n1 pandemic emergency. the senate pandemic response bill 2028 would allow the public health commissioner in a public health emergency to close or evacuate buildings, enter your house for an investigation without a warrant and quarantine you in your house. the measure would also require a
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registry for volunteers that would be ak ti sated in an emergency -- ak ti sateed in an emergency and establish fines for up to $1,000 who is not complying with the local public health order. off the top of my head, i think this violates the fourth amendment, fifth amendment, 13th amendment, 14th amendment and 15th amendment, five of them off the top of my head. that's request we'll have more on this health emergency coming our way tomorrow. in or out, this is the plan of action. i told but this friday. in or out, 2010. there is an encouraging sign that americans would indeed kick out all of those who don't agree with the five fledges we introduced ax new rasmussen phone is your say found that 55% would vote to replace the entire quong the entire congress and start all over. really? that low, huh? 25% of voters nationwide would
2:40 am
keep the current batch. 25%, really? that number is down. back when congress was passing the $700 billion bailout plan, 59% wanted them to toss all of them out, and at that time, 17% wanted to keep them. you look at the new numbers, basically republicans switched with democrats but today, 70% of those not affiliateed with either major party, please do that, would vote to replace all elected politicians in the house and senate, up up 8% from last year. this is the poster that we revealed on friday. this is just really simple. i mean, i could add a lot, but i thought five would be a good place to start. if we could get these clowns to just do five things, would you be for that? see this up on our website, and print it or e-mail it to all your friends. print it and send it in the mail, if they still read mail in
2:41 am
washington, or e-mail it to them and say, hey, hey, i want you to know that i believe in a balanced budget and therefore would vote for a freeze in government spending until that goal is realized. how about you? get them to take this pledge. don't listen to their words anymore. judge them by actions. you know, i actually had a guy call me on the radio show today. where was he calling from? i can't remember. he said, you know, i asked my congressman if he would protect and defend the con siewtion of the united states. -- protect and defend the constitution of the united states. he wouldn't answer the question. that's an easy one. you know that oath you took, protect and defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. that's a yes. if your congressman doesn't know that to answer, boy, you got real issues in your district. number two, i don't believe the government should increase the financial burden of its citizenry during a difficult
2:42 am
time, therefore, i will stop the cuts income our economy comes back, and i believe that four decades of u.s. dependence on foreign oil is a travesty, therefore i will support increasing all domestic resources including nuclear gas, natural gas and coal. do you think israel is going to sit around and play foot si with iran? let me ask you this -- what do you think the brittish were doing when they released that are terrorist from pan am and lockerbie for oil? they know the game we're playing. no nobody counts on us for anything anymore. are you kidding me? what happened when we're paying $200 a barrel for oil because something heats up overseas and we ain't doing anything? there is more, including the sovereignty. i got to sign it over to the united nations, any global entity or anybody else, and i believe the united states is the greatest country on earth and therefore will not apologize for policies or actions which have served to free more and feed more people from around the world than any other nation on
2:43 am
the planet. when the rest of the world starts apologizing for their things, then maybe we will talk about the things we have done, you know, outside to everybody else. in the meantime, rest of the world, back in the second. there are only two ways to win the war -- the thug ok cassie. >> they're talking about 60 votes. he just needs to drag them to t like i said, they're stupid. just drag them to t. >> or there's the american way, the idea that you can affect change by using antiquated little things called facts to make your point. if that concept still resonates with you, check out glenn's new book, "arguing with idiots." you can pre-order right now by visiting, unlelelelelelesslele
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glenn: you know, i find myself in an amazing place, because i get calls from people who you might know from time to time. in fact, some of them you really would know, and they all say the same thing to me "keep speaking out, brother," because of course i can't, then there is someone like craig t. nelson, when he was on this program, this shocked all of us. >> i'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. look, you get into the media and it is the message, oh, you have to be quiet, you have to be docile. what do you do? you seiver. you suffer -- you suffer. glenn: he was on the show and said i'm not going to take it anymore. i'm so tired of it. where are all the people that believe in these things but are afraid because of their career they don't want to say anything
2:48 am
at all? 9/12 is over a week away. thousands of americans are planning to march on washington. i don't know how many times i have heard that people are going to march on washington. 9/12. there are people who can't make it to d.c. that will hold rallies across the country. i will be here live covering it live from 1:00 to 3:00 eastern. it is a huge gamble because i have asked the network to allow me to cover them because i don't want someone that is covering them and all these guests on there making fun of them. look at those people! it wouldn't happen on this network. i want to make sure i was there, covering it, allowing people to see it. now, how many people are going to go to these things? atlanta is the home of joey mcgaw, one of the organizers of the 9/12 georgia march on d.c. how are you? >> very good. glenn: so you are one of the
2:49 am
organizers of the march to washington? >> yes. i am representing the party patriots, the people's revolution, 9/12 prom ects, freedom works that came together to do this. glenn: how long have you been working for the g.o.p. and taking money underneath the table from them. i just had to ask that question. >> no, none. glenn: how many people are coming from your group in atlanta to washington, d.c.? >> well, glenn, we started this six weeks ago. we have five buses coming out of the savanna area. we have three buses out of the north georgia and the two, four, five buses coming out of the atlanta area. we are all joining to caravan on
2:50 am
9/11. glenn: why are you doing it? what are you hoping to get out of it? >> because we said we want to make a statement. we want to go to washington, d.c. and have our boys and our voice heard not by one or two people but as a group. we just -- it's time to fight back. there are people calling me, glenn, that i never thought i would hear from, people losing their jobs saying i will find my last $138 to get on this busexta hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit
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that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." and if you qualify get it for little or no money. jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. declare your independence call now, you'll be glad you did. call the number on your screen.
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glenn: i actually wanted to have you back. joy mcgaw is the organizer of
2:54 am
the the/12 march on d.c. are you getting in trouble, are people hammering you for being a tinfoil hat person or any of that stuff? >> no. i just stay within my own and pass the word around. they come to me and say i want to do this. glenn: are you getting any -- >> it is quite empowering. glenn: are you getting any democrats crossing over, anyone saying i'm starting to see things differently? are you seeing any of that, or just mainly independents and former republicans? >> in the state of georgia, it has been mostly the independents and the conservative group, but it's happening. glenn: thank you so much. we will see you on 9/12 in washington. i will cover it live on the fox network so everybody will see t i want to leave you with a couple of things here and then i have a special note at the end of the program, but, you know, i think one of the best things
2:55 am
that i can do every night is just bring you the words of some of these guys, some of these czars, and we're going to change the way we bring you some of the information, but you need to hear things like van jones, when they say he's not a radical, when he says in 2005, quote "i am willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of the radical ends." you need to know that. you need to pass that on. we have radicals in control of our country, and it is time to say not another inch, you s s ss
2:56 am
2:57 am
2:58 am
>> in the year 2000, i was doing a show in tampa bay and the terri terri schiavo forery was local and friday i had been talking about and i said she should be allowed to die and it was humane. a listener called up and said my
2:59 am
logic didn't make sense and didn't work. think about it, glenn, over the weekend. i did. by monday i came to a different conclusion. when i came in to work, i said i got to apologize to the audience. i was wrong. you just don't go into talk aid quo and say something you were wrong about something you were so strong on, but i was, and i did. i told the audience. i became close with the schiavo family. they are the schindlers. terri schiavo was her married are name. i was asked to speak at the memorial service. this weekend, terry's father passed away. he was 71, a good and decent man. i will never forget the look in his eyes. he looked tired after all those relentless nights an days fighting for the life of his daughter. well, the good news is, i guess, that he's resting in terri's arms again, listening to her speak in this time in all this many years.


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